TIS National – Free Interpreting Service

The Free Interpreting Service aims to provide equitable access to key services, that are not government funded, for people with limited or no English language proficiency.

The Free Interpreting Service is delivered by TIS National, on behalf of the Department of Social Services.

The Free Interpreting Services helps eligible groups to communicate with clients who have limited or no English language proficiency. Using credentialed interpreters can facilitate better access to essential services for these clients and is particularly important for conversations in technical, legal or health contexts.

TIS National interpreters are bound by a professional code of ethics, which requires them to:

  • interpret information accurately and honestly
  • maintain confidentiality
  • be impartial and objective

  • act in a professional manner at all times.


Phone: 131 450


Email: tis.prebook@border.gov.au

Postal Address:
TIS National
GPO Box 241
Melbourne VIC 3001